“EY UP”…

We’d like t’ invite thee to our real working farm in t’ Pennine hills above Hebden Bridge.

A warm Yorkshire welcome awaits, with Yorkshire Tea ‘n’ locally made cakes to set you up for t’ day.

There’s no wifi and not much in’t way o’ phone signal so we’re afraid y’ll have to make do.

You can drink in t’ spectacular views of the beautiful Upper Calder Valley while ruminating tha’ next big challenge… Sheep.

It’ll mek you tea,
mek you laugh
n’ mek you think.

Come To' Farm All In Yer Scruffs And Have Yourself A Go At The Next Big Challenge...Sheep.

We’ll let you lose int’ field wi some real whilley woolies and set you a task that’ll sort wheat from’t chaff. Then you can come inside for a warm with some hearty Yorkshire Fayre.

More sheepy challenges lie ahead and if you pass muster you earn the chance to sample some real Yorkshire brewed ales as a reward’.

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