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“They don’t make diamonds the size of bricks”

Join forces with like minded businesses for one of our small business events


29th April or 20th May 2022

So many of our customers have been told their teams are too small for a team building event, not with us!

We love a bijou team, they are often the most perfectly formed and so full of synergy.

To give you access to the best team day out, we bring you:

The Yorkshire Team Building Small Teams Event

Join in with other carefully selected small teams to experience the day together.

You’ll drink tea and eat cake, network and learn a little about one another. 
We’ll facilitate this with our special brand of humorous games.
Then, when the time is right, we’ll let you loose with our whiley woolies and see how well you overcome your next challenge: real live sheep!

A typical day runs from 10 until 3 and includes a hearty meal, lots of laughs and tea and cake all day!

Simply choose your best date and complete the form to book.

From just £200 per head!

Sheep herding