Reconnect with Humour and Yorkshire Grit

reconnect with humour and yorkshire grit

By ‘eck, it’s time we all got back together…

Teams are still hybrid working, working from home policies are businesses new best friend in this post Covid world.

So, when you need to get together why not reconnect with humour and Yorkshire grit? There’s nowt’ better than doing that ‘ere on our working Yorkshire farm (read about the farms history here). Yorkshire Team Building days are rustic, rural and a reyt good laugh. You’ll let your guard down on neutral turf, throwing out all the stuffy politics and leaving office angst behind. With us, you’ll build your communication skills and get to know each other again right ‘ere in the Yorkshire valleys.

Get aht in’t sticks where tha’ phone doesn’t work and test yer’ mettle wi’ our whiley woollies.

There’s nowt quite like shoving on your scruffs and scrambling sheep to really get to know people in a different way, with humour and Yorkshire grit, get out of the office and up on the farm! We’ll set you loads of challenges ‘aht in’t field, from herding sheep to rambling on the moors, and you’ll have to put your heads together to figure things out. Try it alone and you’ll be stuck – so listen when that quieter team member finds their voice and comes up with a cracking way to solve a problem. Communicate, motivate and trust each other – and you’ll be right on track to learning what it’s like to work as a team.

‘Ang on. We ain’t reyt keen on team building.

It doesn’t feel like a typical team day when you’re larking about in a field. It’s why we’re scrapping eye rolling ice breakers and boardroom bores so you’ll actually find out what it means to work well together by getting stuck in to work ont’ farm. We promise you’ll have a laugh which will really help you reconnect with humour. After a morning cracking on, at lunch time you’ll have chance for a think about what’s worked and listen to your team mates. Talk about what you did, what it meant to you and whether or not it was right. Then, you’ll get ye sen together and give it another go!

‘Ave you earned it? Then ‘ave some hearty Yorkshire scran before yer off.

Whacking on yer wellies and getting stuck in the muddy moors can be pretty knackering. So there’s chance to chill at the end of the day. They’ll be Yorkshire brews and Yorkshire burritos – we keep everything local. Your brain works better when your body’s filled with good grub. So while you get your ‘scran, we’ll all have a chat about what’s gone well for your day and what you can take away with you. After all, team building matters most when you have something to bring back to the office, whether that’s top tips or a grand laugh – like we said, humour and Yorkshire grit!

Not from round ‘ere?

No bother. Us Yorkshire folk are pretty welcoming. So if the way we say things is new, we’ll soon sort you right and make you a Yorkshire brew. And if it’s good enough for the Happy Mondays, we reckon it’s good enough for anyone. Yep – Shaun and Bez might have seen the world touring with the band, but when they wanted to connect with their families after the pandemic they did it by hanging out with us on our Todmorden farm field. Why? You’ll have to wait and see. 

If we’re good enough for celebs, we know our locals will have one hell of a laugh getting to know more about each other – and themselves. Whether you want some cracking corporate comms to take away or you’re just up for having a laugh in a field, at Yorkshire Team Building we’ll mek you tea, mek you laugh n’ mek you think. Download our brochure for team building with sheep not spreadsheets!

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