What do our customers say?

What do our customers say about us?

What do our customers say about us?

You judge a company by what it’s customers say about them, right?

Luckily, we always have great feedback- phew! 

We were over the moon to receive such a glowing testimonial from Vita Minds (NHS Talking therapies Calderdale & Derby). They sheep herded and treasure hunted with us back in September, before we closed for winter 2023.

This was the biggest team we have had on the farm so far, with a team of 33 people. They all donned their water proofs and smiley faces, and braving the wind and rain!

What our customers say about us

What did they do?

The brilliant, fun loving, joyful gang from Vita Minds came to the farm for sheep herding, a moorland treasure hunt, and garden games! Usually teams who visit us choose one activity, which sandwiched amongst lots of yummy food, and some serious team analysis makes up a whole day. Seen as this team were bigger than our usual teams of 8-12 people, we split them up so they could get the most from their experience at the farm.

Their day was made up of lots of cake, three fab activities, Yorkshire Burritos (MASSIVE thanks to our fab caterers Towngate Tearooms), and lots of fun and games.

What did they say?

“As a talking therapies service the team spend most of their time with our patients supporting them to improve their mental health through talking therapy. The team work mainly remote since Covid and any team building days have been focused on performance targets and service development.

So when the opportunity to have an away day presented itself we wanted to make sure it was memorable.

Splat training did just that. Meg and Amy are approachable, organised and professional as well as being fun , engaging and innovative. We set out what we wanted from the day and they ran with it.

The team engaged in sheep herding, treasure hunting and problem solving sustained by an endless supply of tea, biscuits and Yorkshire pudding wraps.

It is worth pointing out the day was a wash out weather wise – however it became part of the fun and memories of the day.

Genuinely the best day and worth every penny of the budget!

I would recommend this service to any team who needs to shake off the cobwebs, be challenge and build relationships.”

Rebecca Hughes


NHS Talking Therapies Service lead 

The Biggest Takeaway...

No matter the weather, or the task, it’s your attitude that gets you through.

This team could quite easily have given up at the first hurdle – the weather was abismle!

BUT they all kept a smile on their faces, and really showed some true YORKSHIRE GRIT. Sharing this experience helped them to grow stronger as a team, and they’ll always be able to look back on that day they were wet to the bone running after sheep in a field…