Why should my team come sheep herding?


Why should my team come sheep herding?

Strange question right? 

Is this a question you ponder regularly? Probably not. But, we are going to answer it anyway. And then you’ll hopefully realize it is a question you should have been asking all along.

“Team building with sheep” is a phrase we get hesitation or a funny look for – quite rightly, it is weird. However, it is wonderful, and once teams have visited the farm and taken part in the day they agree. They understand how it is not just loads of fun, it is also a valuable experience for the team.

Here we will discuss Yorkshire Team buildings underpinning values, and how they feed into the reason your team should come sheep herding.

Why should my team come sheep herding?

Let's Call a Spade a Spade

Our key underpinning value at Yorkshire Team Building is BEING HUMAN. For us, that word – human – refers to a load of deeper stuff around presenting yourself as you are, and accepting other people as they are. Humans are wonderful and messy, and needy, and astonishing, and creative, and supportive. 

And, frankly, without them what is the point?

Sadly, in the professional world there is all too much pretending. It’s like we have to go to work as robots, leaving all the mess at home. We BS about our success and hide our failures. And we choose surface relationships instead of challenges that can lead to deeper, more constructive relationships. We do it because we fear being vulnerable. And we fear being less than those around us. That means that we are all starting from scratch and making it up as we go along. Without the opportunity to learn from failure and share the learning nobody wins. 


At Yorkshire Team Building we CALL A SPADE A SPADE, as they say in Yorkshire.

By that we mean: say it how it is – don’t hold back – say what you think and then move on.

Are your team human?

Could your team be human in the workplace?

Can you cultivate a culture where the team is encouraged to call a spade a spade, healthily and productively?


We’d like to encourage you to create a workplace culture that puts being human at the heart of things. A culture where you can trust each other. Because everybody is human, even the MD is human. Even the MD messes up or gets it wrong sometimes. The important thing is that someone can point it out.

Most workplaces opt instead for ‘harmony’. Staff will hold back and stay quiet so they don’t rock the boat. Therefore meetings are about listening to one or two characters. Most teams miss the opportunity to hear everyone’s expertise.
But, what would be more productive? An engaging meeting where everybody is involved and has an opinion, saving valuable time wasted on mistakes.

Wouldn’t that be great? Working in an environment where you are expected to be honest, you can assume that others are being honest.

What are the benefits of being human?

If your team were to create a culture where they could be human in the workplace, what would be the benefits?

  • Clarity
  • Having all the information
  • Engagement
  • Trust
  • Learning
  • Quicker, safer decision making

A culture of trust is, in all of the research we have read, the basis for developing an effective team. When a team is being honest, open, clear, real, and HUMAN, they are able to trust one another. For more information on trust within a team, we recommend reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

We invite you to come and have a go. In a non-work-risky environment try a completely new task with a completely new approach.

Why should my team come sheep herding?

But, why sheep???

Okay, we still haven’t mentioned the sheep.

From what we have discussed about our underpinning values, you can see what we aim to give a team by coming team building with us. But, why sheep?

Sheep herding is a problem to solve unlike any other. Because it brings plenty of unknown elements and unpredictability. And, it allows you to observe your team under pressure, but without the jeopardy pressure brings at work.

The benefits of this fantastic experience are vast. You’ll spend time outdoors, working through a range of challenges. And, you’ll work with one of the best teams there is – SHEEP! They’ll put you through your paces, and test your commitment to clear, open communication. And only when you create a relaxed atmosphere of trust and cooperation will they respond. But they won’t be fooled, if your team isn’t pulling together, they’ll exploit the gaps.


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